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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Dec 23, 2019

The Benefits of Cherishing Others

  1. Cherishing others is the cause of all happiness. Good karma is the root cause of every moment of pleasure or happiness, from wealth and beauty to a moment enjoying a magnificent sunset. For example, we gave to others in the past and that created the karma for us to have enough resources in this life. Why did we give to others in the past? Because we cherished them and felt their happiness was important, we gave to them to alleviate some need they had--like hunger-- or to give them pleasure. Every positive action we undertook in the past was motivated by cherishing others in some way. Thus, every happiness we enjoy comes from having cherished others in the past. Even a sky filled with diamonds is not as valuable as this mind of cherishing others. I must make cherishing others my main practice in daily life.
  2. Solves all problems 
  3. Makes relationships harmonious and stable
  4. Is the cause of success and happiness in this life
  5. Cherishing others leads to all good qualities.
  6. Leads to the lasting peace and bliss of full enlightenment