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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

May 24, 2021

What truly makes a person wise? Buddha answered this succinctly in the verse from the Dhammapada we examine during this episode. It is not merely one who talks about the dharma, he says, or that can wax philosophical on the teachings. Rather, it is a person that embodies three attributes…


He is not just if he decides a case arbitrarily;

the wise man should decide after considering both what is right and what is wrong.


The wise man who decides not arbitrarily but in accordance with the law is one who safeguards the law; he is to be called 'one who abides by the law (dhammattho).'


He is not a wise man just because he talks much; only he who is peaceful, free from enmity, and does no harm to others, is to be called 'a wise man'.


The affirmations of the wise


I am peaceful.

I am a friend to all.

I harm no living being.