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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Jul 5, 2021


“Renunciation is not the same as giving up pleasure or denying ourselves happiness. It means giving up our unreal expectations about ordinary pleasures. These expectations themselves are what turn pleasure into pain.” —Lama Yeshe


Is it is real cause of happiness?

  1. Does it cause unwanted side effects?
  2. Every time we turn to it for pleasure does it make us happy?
  3. Does it bring peace
  4. Does it set us up for disappointment or pain?

If you answer yes to 1 and 4 or no to 2 and 3, it can’t be a real cause of happiness. 


Not by means of shaven head

     Does someone dishonest and undisciplined 

Become a renunciant.

     How could someone filled with longing and greed

     Be a renunciant?

Someone who has pacified evil,

     Small and great,

In every way,

Is, for that reason, called a renunciant. (Verse 264-265)

—Buddha, The Dhammapada



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