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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Dec 17, 2018

“Those who harbor the wish to harm others are no followers of mine” --Buddha. In this episode JoAnn Fox teaches about the virtuous mental factor “sense of shame”, also sometimes translated as “self-respect.To practice this virtuous mind is to begin by examining our life with the question,  “Is there something that I’m doing that is causing harm to others or to myself?” We then develop a sense of shame, thinking: “I should not do this; this is harming others.” Alternatively, we might practice self-respect or a sense of shame after we caused harm or acted in a way that is harmful to ourselves by developing the intention: “I should not have done that. I will not do this again.”  A sense of shame is like a bright gaudian in world; guarding you from great suffering in the future. The meditation practiced in this episode is a purification meditation to help us purify our negative karma. This purification practice functions based on the generation of regret, reliance, opponent action, and promise.


The verses of the Dhammapada, by Buddha, we study in this episode are from Chapter Three “The Mind”, verse 36:


“The mind, hard to see

Subtle, alightling where it wishes--

The sage protects.

The watched mind brings happiness.”



The Dhammapada, by Buddha. Translated by Gil Fronsdale. Shambala, Boston and London, 2011, pp. 9.


Abhidharmasamuccaya, The Compendium of the Higher Teaching (Philosophy) by Asanga. Originally translated into French and annotated by Warpola Rahula. English version from the French by Sara Boin-Webb. ASIAN HUMANITIES PRESS, Fremont, California,, pp. 8-10.