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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Apr 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to practice karma? In this episode, we look at how to practice karma by maintaining mindfulness of the law of karma and acting in accordance with it. The word karma literally means action. Every action is like a seed planted in the field of our mind. Virtuous actions, like those actions coming from the intention of compassion, generosity, love, understanding and so on, plant a seed in our mind that will eventually give rise to happiness in the future. In this way karma shapes our world. The world we are experiencing today has been shaped by our actions of the past. Our world of tomorrow will be shaped by her actions of today and (as well as previous actions.) In the verse from the Dhammapada, Buddha Illustrates the power of virtuous actions.


Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, by Je Tsongkhapa, Volume 1 

King of Concentrations Sūtra says:

Like illusions, bubbles, mirages, and lightning, 

All phenomena are like the moon [reflected] in water. 

It is not the case that living beings—who die 

And go on to their next lives—are offspring of Manu [the first human at the beginning of the eon]. 


Yet the karma that you possess does not disappear; 

The virtuous and nonvirtuous give rise to their effects accordingly; 

This logical approach is sound; 

though subtle and difficult to see,

It is within the scope of the Conqueror.


Cause of Fame: The cause of consummate lineage is first overcoming pride and then making obeisance and so forth to gurus and the like, and respecting others as if you were their servant. 

The effect of consummate lineage is that people carry out your  spiritual instructions without disregard.

Cause of Wealth: The cause of consummate power [weath]  is giving food, clothing, and so forth to those who request them; even when they are not requested, giving such assistance; and giving to those who suffer and to recipients who have good qualities but no possessions.

The effect of consummate power [wealth] is that through giving you gather living beings and can then help them mature spiritually.

People endowed 

     With faith, virtue, fame, and wealth

Are revered

      Wherever they go.

--Buddha, The Dhammapada

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