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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Apr 11, 2022

Buddha asserted that all living beings have Buddha-nature, a consciousness that is the seed of enlightenment. No matter how deluded someone is at this moment, they have within them the potential to become a fully enlightened being. Our nature is essentially pure and good (and empty of inherent existence). Even when it is raining, and clouds completely cover the sun, the clouds do not change the essential light-giving power of the sun. In the same way, the clouds of delusions like anger, greed, and ignorance do not change the pure nature of living beings. 


If we are not yet enlightened, then, of course, we will sometimes “malfunction” with anger or other bad habits of mind. Rather than becoming discouraged or feeling like a bad person, we can have compassion for ourselves and try to relate to our Buddha-nature. If we train our minds, we can perfect the following six qualities and become an awakened being, just like Buddha did. 


What are the Six Perfections?

  • generosity
  • ethical discipline
  • patience
  • effort 
  • concentration
  • wisdom


From afar, good people

    Shine like the Himalayan mountains.

Close up, bad people disappear,

    Like arrows shot into the night (verse 304)

--Buddha, The Dhammapada


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