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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Sep 2, 2019

How a person functions in this world and whether they appear to be a good person or not, depends upon the intentions that most often pervade their mind. This is because intentions cause actions. What is the highest intention a human can have? Only the most benevolent intention can create actions so powerful it can radically transform us. In this episode, we look at a human’s ultimate potential and the intentions that ripen it. 

It’s easy to do what is not good 

And things that harm oneself. 

It’s very difficult to do 

Things beneficial and good. (163) 


The unwise who rely on evil views 

To malign the teachings of the noble arahants Who live the Dharma 

Produce fruit that destroys themselves,

Like the kathaka reed that dies upon bearing fruit. (164)* 


Evil is done by oneself alone; 

By oneself is one defiled. 

Evil is avoided by oneself; 

By oneself alone is one purified. 

Purity and impurity depend on oneself;

No one can purify another. (165) 


Don’t give up your own welfare 

For the sake of others’ welfare, however great. 

Clearly know your own welfare 

And be intent on the highest good. (166)

—Buddha, The Dhammapada 


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