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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Jun 23, 2020

Patience means our mind stays peaceful when things are difficult or we experience something (or someone) unpleasant. In this episode, we begin to learn how to practice patience. We can grow this habit of mind until our mind is strong and immovable from peace, like a tall tree that cannot be uprooted by the even the strongest winds. 


The benefits of patience:


  1. Persons who have patience will not have many enemies later on.
  2. They will not have many separations from those they are close to.
  3. They will have much happiness and contentment. 
  4. They will have no regret at the time of death
  5. They will be reborn in the happy realms of high status.
  6. Patience is the best approach for dealing with the inclination to disregard others’ welfare.
  7. Patience clears away much harm in this and future lives.
  8. Patience is the karmic cause of beauty. 

Give up anger, give up conceit,

Pass beyond every fetter.

There is no suffering for one who possesses nothing,

Who doesn't cling to body-and-mind. (Verse 221)


—Buddha, The Dhammapada 


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