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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Jul 5, 2022

This episode is the last of a three part series on the ten nonvirtuous actions, and the focus is on actions of mind. Actions of mind you say! Yes, actions of mind do create karma. In fact, mental actions are continuously creating our reality. Our mind can create a heaven or a hell right on earth. Our mind can also create a happy life—or at least 80% happier.


Nonvirtuous actions of mind:

  • covetousness
  • ill will
  • Wrong view


Finding fault in what’s not at fault 

And seeing no fault in what is, 

Those who take up wrong views 

Go to a bad rebirth. (318) 


But knowing fault as fault, 

And the faultless as the faultless, 

Those who take up right views 

Go to a good rebirth. 

-Buddha, The Dhammapada


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