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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Feb 8, 2020

To bring more joy and lessen the stress in our lives, we can turn to the practice of kindfulness. Mindfulness, the conscious awareness of our thoughts and intentions, tuned into ways to be kind to others is ‘kindfulness.’ First coined by the monk Ajahn Brahm, kindfulness is a gentle way to more align our life with the law of karma. According to the law of karma, every act of kindness creates the cause for our own future happiness. Being kind usually makes us feel pretty good in the moment too! 

Research also indicates that kindness has many good effects on our heath and even slows the aging process! Dr David Hamilton, author of The Five Side-Effects Of Kindness, says, “Being kind generates the “kindness” hormone oxytocin, which also happens to be a major cardiovascular hormone. It keeps the arteries clear and lowers blood pressure by reducing levels of harmful free radicals and inflammation, which cause disease. These are also the main culprits for causing ageing to our cells, so you could also say that kindness slows the ageing process.”

Tasting the flavor 

Of solitude and peace,

One becomes free of distress and evil,

Drinking the flavor of Dharma joy. (Verse 205)

—Buddha, The Dhammapada


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