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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Nov 17, 2020

  1. Power of Reliance: Pray for help to any holy being you feel connected to or simply pray. In Tibetan the word prayer means “wish path” and a prayer is a karmic action or path leading you to a new reality.


  1. Power of Release (sometimes translated as the power of regret). Generate the strong wish to purify the karma causing you suffering, that is perpetuating your current way of being that you wish to change. Then visualize purifying what you need to let go of by imagining the negative karma, appearing as dark, oily smoke, being pushed out of every pour of your body (pushed out from the power of your wish to release at your heart). 


  1. Power of Promise or Restraint: Make a promise to yourself not to repeat a certain negative or unhelpful behavior (or way of thinking).


  1. Power Opponent Force: Promise yourself that you will take actions that will begin your change to a new, more positive way of being.


For every defilement the Buddha in his compassion has given us the antidote, the method to emerge from it and vanquish it. By learning these principles and applying them properly, we can gradually wear away the most stubborn inner stains and reach the end of suffering, the "taintless liberation of the mind."

—Bhikkhu Bodhi

As a smith does with silver, 

The wise person 


Bit by bit, 

Moment by moment, 

Removes impurities from herself. (Verse 239)