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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

May 27, 2019

In this episode we look at how to create a new mind and a new reality for ourselves by purifying negative karma (previous thoughts and actions) and taking positive actions toward creating the life we really want. 

Meditation on Your Future Self with an Emphasis on Purifying Negative Karma

  1. Imagine your future self...

May 12, 2019

The meditation on your future self is intended to help us create a new reality for our self.  It combines imagining a new, freer, happier version of yourself and the purification of your karma (previous thoughts and actions). This meditation also helps us have some experience of the emptiness of our self, rather...

May 4, 2019

This episode is about FREEDOM:

freedom from sorrow

giving others freedom

freedom from the past

In other words, we look at how to lessen our habit of attachment. This exploration of attachment is in the context of an ordinary, modern life with marriage, children, jobs and family. Attachment is a habit of mind, like anger...