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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Sep 9, 2019

In the last few episodes, we have been looking at the basics of Buddhist tantric practice. In this episode, we try to get a taste of the experience of emptiness— the true nature of reality. The correct view of emptiness is one of three prerequisites for the practice of Buddhist tantra (in addition to renunciation and bodhicitta.) Over time, we try to develop this correct view of emptiness which allows us to experience this world as perfect and all living beings as perfect. Like a rainbow appearing in the sky, a real experience of emptiness ushers in a new world for us, one without stress, insecurities or isolation. 

Do not follow an inferior way; 

Don’t live with negligence. 

Do not follow a wrong view; 

Don’t be engrossed in the world. (167)* 


Rouse yourself! 

Don’t be negligent! 

Live the Dharma, a life of good conduct. 

One who lives the Dharma is happy 

In this world and the next. (168) 


Live the Dharma, a life of good conduct. 

Don’t live a life of bad conduct. 

One who lives the Dharma is happy

In this world and the next.


If one sees the world as a bubble

If one sees it as a mirage,

One won’t be seen 

By the King of Death. 


Come, look on this world 

As a beautified royal chariot. 

Fools flounder in it, 

But the discerning do not cling. (171)

—Buddha, The Dhammapada 


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