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Buddhism for Everyone with JoAnn Fox

Apr 5, 2020

By being present we actually experience life. It is only in this moment that we live. Being present can help us enjoy the gift that is this day, this hour, this sunset, this connection. By the simple practice of reminding yourself to “be present,” we can bring ourselves back into the moment and free be from worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. This episode is the second in a series to help people through the challenges caused by the Coronaviris, such anxiety, worry and isolation.


Do not pursue the past.

Do not lose yourself in the future. 

The past no longer is.

The future has not yet come. 

Looking deeply at life as it is

In the very here and now,

The practitioner dwells

In stability and freedom.

—Buddha, Sutra on Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone


“The miracle of mindfulness is, first of all, that you are here. Being truly here is very important—being here for yourself, and for the one you love. How can you love if you are not here? A fundamental condition for love is your own presence. In order to love, you must be here. That is certain.”--Thich Nhat Hann 


“Fortunately, being here is not a difficult thing to accomplish. It is enough to breathe and let go of thinking or planning. Just come back to yourself, concentrate on your breath, and smile. You are here, body and mind together. You are here, alive, completely alive. That is a miracle.”--Thich Nhat Hann 



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